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Based in Los Angeles, California, Fancy Auto was established to provide superior, efficient and cost effective end-to-end solutions for consumers, insurance companies, auto body shops, and fleet services by offering cutting edge technology with a highly trained in-house support team.

Founded by Eyal Dunkel, Fancy Auto is a technology service provider that fills the much needed service to customer gap for the automotive industry. In 2008, after working successfully in the financial sector for 7 years, Eyal had to abruptly leave his job to join his dad’s auto body shop business due his dad’s health issues. Fast forward a few years and both Eyal’s father and their business have been thriving ever since.

Eyal had to learn the business from the ground up, learning to estimate a damaged car, interacting with customers, converting opportunities to sales, purchasing parts from vendors, negotiating with insurance companies, and adding new fleet and insurance accounts. Eyal’s rare combination of finance background and the technophile in him gave him a competitive edge. He started innovating products that were both customer and business-owner friendly.

In the 10 years of managing one of the busiest and top-rated auto body shops in Los Angeles, Eyal learned a great deal. He soon recognized the sales and marketing needs, through technology, of servicing the automotive service providers as well as taking care of consumers seeking to fix their cars. Eyal carefully studied real-life examples in the auto body business and has developed an invaluable sales and marketing tool for auto body shops.

In June 2011, Fancy Auto launched the Car Butler app for iOS and Android.  Car Butler, the all-in-one app for people and their cars, offered features to locate nearby gas stations, reputable mechanics, highly-rated body shops, as well as local car wash locations, and parking lots. Users could mark their parking spot and set up alerts to remind them of the metered or timed parking. The app allowed to check local traffic congestion condition, and calculate commute time to any destination. Car Butler also allowed to easily document and exchange information in case of an auto accident with step-by-step car accident report.

The iPhone Car Butler is at your service (Source: iTunes)

Apple has selected Car Butler™ as “New & Noteworthy” in iTunes – Navigation category – July 2011

Car Butler™ mobile app for the iPhone is rated 4.5-stars by The MacMob : “Car Butler is an incredible FREE all-in-one app which has powerful and easy to use features.” – July 29, 2011

Edmunds.com selects Car Butler™ as the “Automobile App of The Week” – December 12, 2011

Allianz Australia picks the ‘Car Butler’ app as one of the “Five top iPhone apps for your car.“ – February 2012

Always in tune with the pulse of the auto body industry, in June 2018, Fancy Auto launched CertifiedShops.com, the only site that identifies and recognizes the best auto body shops and auto mechanics making it easy for consumers to repair their cars at the top-tier shops. While many consumers use review sites like Yelp and Google Places, there was no way to find only the best certified shops. Eyal recognized the need to identify the top-tier shops so consumers could find them easily, and for shops to be recognized for their outstanding service and quality in repairs. A win-win scenario for both parties.

Constantly innovating, in November 2018, Fancy Auto developed Damage Review a powerful, secure, yet easy-to-use tool for people to request an estimate from auto body shops and auto mechanics, right from their mobile devices or computers.

In February 2019, Fancy Auto released CheckInSheet.com, the easiest way to check-in cars using mobile phone, tablet, or desktop without a need to download, install, or maintain any software. It is so simple that it will become an integral part of your automotive business.

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